A wearable iron lung saving lives and making breathing easier

Our Mission
To build inexpensive, easy-to-use, negative-pressure assisted breathing devices that can be worn without limiting the user’s everyday activities.

Pneumonia is the world's number one killer.  
The Venti's modern design enables physicians in both critical care and ambulatory settings to support a patient's breathing effectively without intubation or a COPD's mask.


The Venti is a cuirass-style negative pressure ventilator (NPV) similar to the iron lung but much less constraining.
It supports breathing for millions of patients affected by respiratory illness.

“It's a global device. It's a game changer.”

Dr. Harvey Hawes
Trauma Surgeon at Vancouver Coastal Health (VGH)


Currently, only two NPVs are commercially available in clinical settings and few PPVs with CPAPs and BiPAPs home versions


- close supervision
+ no nurse
- uncomfortable
+ easy to use
- rigorous cleaning protocol
+ low maintenance
- expensive, monthly consumables
+ low cost, no consumables
- PPVs: intubation, sedation, masks required
+ non-invasive and no mask
“The Venti revolutionizes pulmonary care worldwide.”

Dr. Norma Braun
Senior Attending in pulmonary and critical care at Mount Sinai Hospital

The team
Our formidable team of doctors, inventors, builders, and hardware/software experts makes breathing support wearable and comfortable around the world.
Steve Bull
CEO & Technical Lead

Serial inventor and entrepreneur of medical devices and remote patient monitoring

Dr. Harvey Hawes
Chief Medical Officer

Trauma surgeon, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and principal investigator

Laura Escueta
Industrial Designer

Industrial designer with a solid background in 3D modelling and graphic design

Valentin Kolganov
Social Media Officer

Advertising project manager and digital marketing specialist

Dr. Nilay Shah
Chief Business Officer

Neurologist who has successfully exited three medical startups

Raymond Kong
Finance Director

Experienced accounting and finance professional

Dr. Talon Jones
Chair, Advisory Board

Resident anaesthesiologist at Vancouver General Hospital, author of our white paper

Dr. Norma Braun
Pulmonology Specialist

Practice includes pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital

Dano Carbone
Respiratory Therapist

Negative pressure expert who works with all patients on iron lungs in the United States

Cody Heisinger
Investment Engagement

Investor in over 250 startups and pre-IPOs since 2008

Sheldon Philips
Sr. Industrial Designer

Named on over 100 US and international patents of electronics, automotive, and medical devices

Nancy Paris, PhD
Product Developer

Cofounder of two health technology companies and a mechanical engineer with 30 years of experience


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