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Our Free DIY Model

Build the Venti DIY yourself! We formed Breathe Global to save lives and help those who need breathing assistance. A big part of that is making it accessible to everyone.

On this page you'll soon find a link to download our free step-by-step assembly instruction manual, including a materials list as well as the code you need to run the electronics.


As you’ll see, the cuirass ventilator can be built quickly and affordably mostly using inexpensive materials easily accessible in almost all parts of the world at any home improvement store. 


The only exception is the microprocessor and a few other electronics which are also inexpensive and readily available via the Web. A parts list is included in this document as well as a link showing a description of the component and an available source as of the time of publishing.

Keep in mind that while the materials and techniques we describe in our assembly instructions are not the only way you can build a Venti DIY. You may have trouble sourcing some materials or find other materials are more easily accessible in your part of the world.


We encourage you to use these plans mainly as a path to follow while building your own. While we encourage you to be careful when adjusting the code, you may find different or even better materials to use as a cuirass, to create a seal between the user and the device, to attach the cuirass to the user, and so on.   

Here on our Web site, you’ll also find a link to a robust online community ready to help provide building, assembly, and troubleshooting advice.

Alternatively, we have an inexpensive Venti Standard you'll be able to purchase.


Note: While we at Breathe Global have worked with a prestigious team of doctors and coders to ensure this device is safe and effective in assisting users with breathing, those downloading and following these instructions agree not to hold Breathe Global liable for any problems arising from the creation or use of this device.